Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Unusual Mother's Day

While running through the grocery this afternoon I bumped into a neighbor.  Almost literally as I was on a mission - acquire cereal, chicken, Greek yogurt, and pitas before the seven -year-old loses focus and before my parents show up at the house.  I didn't want to stop her up as I knew what my own afternoon looked like and also because I made the mistake of telling the seven-year-old to go pick a cereal.

I asked about her daughter who has babysat for us and just graduated from college.  I knew she wanted to go in to non-profit work after graduation and was headed to Africa sometime soon.
"Yes", her mom confirmed, "she leaves tomorrow! I am picking up powered Gatorade for her, I can't believe she's going."

I can.  This is one extraordinary young lady.  She was never a typical babysitter.  She is instinctive, intuitive when it comes to children.  Checking temperatures if they feel warm, giving a bath if they got in the mud, playing games, reading bedtime stories, even hanging around with someone who is having trouble sleeping.  Africa is very lucky, or should I say the orphans.

But the irony is that she is leaving on Mother's Day because this is the coolest mother, daughter relationship I have ever seen.  They are so close, such good friends.  They walk the dogs together, shop together, and giggle together.  They were so funny when they stopped to say goodbye before she left they were making jokes about her living without water, electricity, and real toilets.

They have totally inspired me to stop being so snarky about Mother's Day. (OK for at least 24 hours what would my blog be if I didn't rant and rave about something ridiculous my husband or kids did!)

So for Taylor and Laura - and all of those Mom's who will be thousands of miles away from their babies, my thoughts are with you.  Happy  Mother's Day!

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