Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is this an old soul?

We have all heard that expression - "He's an old soul"

What does it mean? Is it the child that is wise beyond their years, quiet and contemplative, or like my son comes out with some things that make you say, Hmmm?

I would swear he is Hugh Heffner reincarnated but that man just won't die.  Casanova maybe?  His favorite word is sexy.  He hangs out with more girls then boys, and not to play princess because he has them all instantly charmed into whatever it is he wants to play.

For mother's Day the his teacher had them fill out a book about their mother's.  I learned a lot about myself, but also marveled at the attention that he pays to the details.  My moms favorite exercise is "walks", favorite food is "anchloto" (enchiladas), favorite thing to read "mommy books (he didn't want to write Jennifer Weiner cause its a bad word and everyone would giggle), my mom doesn't like to "brog and bemean" (brag or be mean).

So it makes me wonder just what constitutes an old soul?  I think it's one that has been around the block quite a few times.  He definitely exhibits that quality. Some of the things he says have no other explanation.

Yesterday while driving home from yet another sporting event he said to me,
"Mom, Why do people call God a man? I think he is a woman."
"Well I have to agree with you buddy and you can call him a her. But when did you or where did you decide this?"
"From your woman book."
"Which woman book?" (I ask with great confusion)
" The big one."
"Of course." (I said with utter confusion and absolute pride.)

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