Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Figure it out!

I was having a conversation with my husband this morning, but you could insert Number One or Number Two Son here.  I get so frustrated because I hear the same phrase over and over "What should I do?"

Perhaps I am hearing, "Will do you this for me?" or maybe I hear "Will you figure it out and give me the answer?"  And that annoys the hell out of me! It's not like I have it figured out - I'm a hot damn mess why are you giving me your crazy.

But late last night I got an email from a great neighbor and dear friend that said -want to walk in the morning- and that I know exactly how to read "I need to talk".  Absolutely!  So after two miles and two hours this morning I'm not sure which came first we had solved most of the world's problems.  Well, at least ours. At least for now.

That's when it hit me, I have all boys.  They are not going to call a buddy for a walk or a beer (at least at seven and ten years old I hope not).  It's not manly to talk about things or ask for help or heaven forbid say I'm freaking out.

But woman do.  I guess that's why to them I'm not the hot mess I see in the mirror.  All they see is someone who takes care of things, they don't see all the talking, praying, angst, processing, and even research I do to "figure" it out.

One more reason it's good to be a girl...and one more virtue to pass along to my sons. I hope.

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