Friday, November 16, 2012

I Loved Lucy....

I don't know who doesn't love Lucy.  However, I was born a dramatic redhead who married a crazy Greek.  I feel a direct connection to the Queen of Comedy.  Thanks to something called ME TV I was able to share Lucy with my two boys this summer.  There were days that they just needed some down time between the pool and dinner and it was the one channel I could trust to be appropriate but not for "babies".

The one thing that struck me from a very young age was when Lucy would start to tell a story about what happened and it would be NOTHING like reality.  But it was her reality.  So this summer we started playing the I Love Lucy game.

This is how it goes.  The boys are playing in the playroom, upstairs, or outside without direct adult supervision.  A scuffle ensues and the first one in says, "MMMMMOOOOOMMMM! He _______me and then he _______ me and tried to ________me." Then the second child follows with, "NaUh! He _________ me first then he _______ and I didn't even do anything!"

Thus begins the I Love Lucy game.  By the time it was over we were sometimes laughing and giggling and trying hard to make the story even bigger and bigger and bigger.  My youngest son who is 6 years-old is the very best at this game.  In fact he sometimes plays it by himself.  He lapses into a story and it keeps getting bigger and then one of us makes the mistakes of giggling and then it really gets big.

Yesterday he came home from school and as he was snacking told me that it was the Asst. Principal's Birthday so on the way to the bus he said "Happy Birthday Mr. Buck." to which he replied "Thanks- you are the best student ever!" I said wow that was really cool of him, knowing the man's sense of humor and totally believing this.

My son replied, "Yeah - that never happened.  I just said Happy Birthday and he said Thanks."
That's my Lucy!!

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