Monday, April 25, 2011

A message about "The Trip"

Most people I know think of traveling abroad in the most romantic sense.  Air travel, taxi's, hotels, beaches, ancient ruins, museums, and fabulous dinners at cozy restaurants with lots of ambiance.  When I tell people that we are going to Greece this summer they swoon imagining Mamma Mia or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Wouldn't that be amazing?! Where do I sign up?
My trip - think My Big Fat Greek Wedding - on Vacation.

My husband is not from America and ALL of his family is overseas.  Some of you will visit Pittsburgh, or Boston, Cleveland, or Atlanta this summer to see relatives.  Flying, driving, packing, planning, and sleeping on an air mattress are all involved at some point.

Now, I am no mathematical expert, but I think there is a definitely an equation that looks something like...
# of kids + hours of travel = ^stress level

So imagine if you will, being on one airplane with your children, for 9 hours then deplaning to board yet another aircraft for 4 more hours.  Are we there yet??

I will not complain, OK that's a lie, because I don't like to fly so I complain a lot.  To certain people.  And while I don't want you to think that everywhere in Greece looks like the pictures of Santorini, if only! Or that I am not dog tired after the plane ride and jet lagged for 6 days after we return.  That not being fluent in the language isn't annoying, frustrating, and sometimes scary.  Or that it's always easy to fly so far away from my box......

# of kids + hours of travel = ^stress level

So when you see me and say, "I heard your going to Greece this summer!" and I just nod and smile like the Joker from Batman, it's not because I am not excited to see my relatives and spend time being fed, and pinched, complimented, and showered with unconditional love.  Reading a book, or five.  Sitting on a white sandy beach for a day or three looking at water so blue it can't possibly be real.  Eating souvlaka at midnight on the roof overlooking the city with the mountain's behind me.  Praying in churches older than the country I was born in.

I am only human.  I am frightened.  I am stressed.  I am preparing, and planning, and postulating the trip, so that I may truly enjoy the journey.

It is something I think everyone should do - at least once.  So pick a place you've always wanted to go, maybe it is Santorini  (I hear it's beautiful!)  save your quarters if you have to (airfare is outrageous) and GO! 

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