Thursday, April 14, 2011

He's watching....everything!

My now five-year-old has "homework" from pre-school every week.  My older son had this also and it is very cute.  They work on one letter a week and must draw, cut out, or find pictures that start with that letter and paste in in the booklet.  My older son liked to mix it up but not my little man.  He comes up with the items, I must draw them (always a challenge) and then he adds the details if he's feeling like it.

This weeks letter is B.  Thank goodness because last week's Y had me completely stumped.  What the the hell starts with Y except Yellow? He came up with Yak but I hard pressed to draw that one.  But B not that's a letter I can draw with!  Banana, boot, basketball, brother, bottle.

I complimented him on all the things he came up with, especially bottle. 
"That's a good one buddy." I said as I started to draw my best rendition of a soda bottle.
"We talked about it at school." He said looking over my shoulder eyeing the bottle I was drawing.  "You know like a bottle of wine - like you drink."

Yes honey, and if I weren't responsible for getting you to and from the pre-school, Mommy might have one in her hand right now.  What must those teachers think?

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