Thursday, September 30, 2010

Granimal Parenting

Those of us of a certain generation - and I will not say which - can remember Granimals. The wonderful line of clothing that made shopping simple. Pick two pink hippos,top and bottom, and you had a matching outfit. I was all over that. No fussing around, no difficult decisions, if I needed school clothes I picked a couple of pink hippos and a blue rhino or two and we were done.

That's what I want in a parenting book. Gotta a strong willed child? Choose the Green Elephant. Gotta shy child? Choose the yellow giraffe. I think the reason there is no consistency in my parenting is because every book and everyone has told me something else.

To get children out of your bed try, or maybe a 21-day program by Lawrence PhD there is even help at the Berkley parenting network. Have a strong-willed child? The expert is James Dobson who wrote the infamous book, "How to parent the strong willed child". But first you should test your child at so that you know just how strong willed they are. God forbid you search- How to get your kids to listen- one search turned up 361,005,251 hits! and the first website is for none other than my arch nemesis Super Nanny.

Do you see why I want Granimals!! I'm over informed. My mom says I over think everything, maybe I do. But I still think it would easier if it were just pink hippos and green elephants.


  1. Parenting is like the rest of life - no one can tell you how to live it, you just figure it out day-by-day. The problem with parenting books is that they only work if your child never changes. As you know, a child can be a different beast each day. Just like life. Enjoy what you can and f*** the rest! Sorry for the ramble...:-P

  2. I love it!! It's the best advice yet ;-!!!