Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You found my...

Mom's are required to know where everything is at all times. And should that item be broken, how to fix it, NOW.

Case in point. When my seven-year-old arrives home from school, from a full day of being on his best behavior, sitting still, absorbing everything the teacher says, he is glazed over, exhausted, spent! He drops his bag kicks off his shoes and watches CyberChase.

Meanwhile I pick up the shoes and the bag and go through his day quietly for a moment. Note from PTA regarding the Fall Festival, spelling words, today's language activity - note to self work on the child's handwriting it's starting to look like his father's. But the real sign of how the day went: the Lunch bag. Half a sandwich, all his carrots, no apple left.

The other day I opened his Lunch bag and noticed that his water bottle was missing the little carabiner. A carabiner is that little clasp that was once reserved just for mountain climbers, but now adorns every water bottle, back pack, and lunch bag sold.

I found the carabiner int he lunch bag and thus just reattached it as I was cleaning up. After he had time to watch his show, get a snack, and fight with his brother I suggested we leave for the park. "Grab your water bottle." I said as I put the four-year-olds shoes on. "Mom!" he shrieked. Thinking that he had suddenly been stabbed my a masked intruder I twirled around to see him holding up his water bottle with a huge grin on his face.

"You found my hooker! Thanks mom!"

What more is there to say, I'm still laughing.


  1. Hilarious!! BTW, I am glad that your son is "spent" after a day of being attentive in class. My child is "spent" because he was working so hard at being the DISTRACTING one in class.

  2. We all have a job to do....keep up the good work Connor!! ;-))