Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dysfunctional families...

After my brothers and sisters and I all got over 12 years old my mom loved to say that there was no such things as a normal family, everyone was "dysfunctional". She loved the word, she loved the phrase, she repeated it often.

I'm way older than 12 now, I've lived on my own, I've been apart of another family for 15 years, and I've meet many people. Mom, I do not mean to burst your bubble - but not everyone is dysfunctional.

Our family is unique in the way we interact. We are sarcastic, hurtful, immature, rude, just down right rotten to each other. The only time you see our family stand together is at a death bed or funeral.

This is not normal, not even just dysfunctional, it's crazy sad. I see cousins, friends, even neighbors that have closer relationships then I have with my siblings. I do not have many close friends and have trouble maintaining what friendships I do make and I often wonder, is that because I've never learned how?

I'm so frustrated right now with my boys and the way they treat each other that I've asked the school guidance counselor for help. It's not only sad that I can't keep my boys from fighting with each other, but that I can't set a better example of what siblings should act like.

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