Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summers Here!

Ah, Summer. It means something different to everyone. My seven-year-old was in tears because it means "he will never see his friends again". My four-year-old doesn't quite get it and is still telling people he has school on Monday and Tuesday. My husband gets to have a semi-normal work schedule which means we see him before 8:30 at night. What does it mean for me? More work.

Normally I would go into a humorous rant about how living with three boys can drive a woman to drink. But I am really looking forward to this summer. Before you check the blog to make sure it is the Queen of Complaining, I'm still here. But I have really missed having my seven-year-old around.

Three days into Summer vacation look for a blog about how I can't wait for school to start so I've shipped them off to the Military Academy because I know this won't last long. It's like a new romance, we are in the lust stage. The part of the relationship where you dream of all possible; long walks on the beach, stolen moments of peace, and confiding in one another.

I am dreaming of a summer filled with trips to the library for more books, science experiments, lots of crafts, baking cookies, and whole afternoons at the pool. I am dreaming of two brothers giggling and playing with each other under the tree for hours. I am dreaming of a new night time ritual where I wave my hand and say goodnight and they disappear upstairs.

A girl can dream! Can't I?

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