Monday, June 7, 2010

Landscaping adventures..

When we last left the landscaping lommox they were knee deep in do; honey do this, honey do that....

I took before and after pictures of the landscaping, and then my husband lost out camera. So not only do I not have pictures of the landscaping to show you I have also lost the pictures of recent events and the children's antics. Hopefully I have downloaded a majority of said pictures and not all are lost.

Since the landscaping project we have also hosted a guest from Colorado, my husband completed a 9 hour mountain bike race, my 7 year-old had the two best baseball games of his career, and we attended a family wedding. It's been really busy.

The kind of busy that wears you out, but send you to bed feeling full. It is nice to have good friends visit, especially when they live so far away. It is nice to see family that we see only once or twice a year. It is nice to spend the day completely and remember that we are so truly blessed.

Summer has officially started. Even though I know that tomorrow will be the true test because the guest will be gone, the activities done, and the day is uncharted I look forward to meeting it head on. Raise the main sail boys, we're off!

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