Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mikaela Update

If you know Mikaela, like I know Mikaela.....

Nothing has ever gone easy or as planned for this child. The surgeon called off the surgery the other day, but did use the OR time to scope Mikaela and consult with two other surgeons. Mikaela will undergo surgery on March 25th - with not one, not two, but three surgeons who are trying to fix the problems with her esophagus without nicking anything that could A. kill her B. leave her with a feeding tube or C. leave her vocal chords paralyzed.

If all goes well after the surgery (Oh Please God!! This child deserves that!) She will have to have a feeding tube for a little while and a soft diet for short time. Now, this is the child that at the age of three could out eat my husband which is no small feat. Her mother was not looking forward to sharing the news and really ready for lots of tears.

Mikaela's only response, "Do I get out of Gym class?" That's my Girl!

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