Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

With two boys in this house there is more than enough name calling, fist throwing, knock down fighting for me. I get more than enough testosterone pumping power struggles than I care to deal with in one day. So when my husband pulls this crap - it sends me over the edge.

We had a little family party last night to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. I spent the afternoon cooking and cleaning up and getting things ready. I let the boys chill out in front of their new favorite computer game Poptropica (that's another blog in itself!) so that they could stay up a little later.

It ended up being unreasonably late because the actual ceremonies didn't start till what 10:30! Thanks NBC! Needless to say everyone was a little extra tired and cranky this morning. My husband works every Saturday but didn't have to go in early. So I got up with the boys (surprise, surprise) and he slept in? He said he was cleaning but we can talk about that later.

He came down in the middle of mayhem and tried to instill the calm. This is how he does it.
The six-year-old is using the coffee table for a chair, again, and I am yelling at him to get a chair or I'll take the keyboard away for good.

My husband says, "He's just tired because we were up late."
I said, "No honey this is every Saturday morning because there is no structure."
He says, "Well then get some structure."

O.k. Ladies, after you finish laughing because you know exactly where this is going....

I said" That's why I asked you to set up the tennis lessons for Saturday-"
He says" ME! I gave you the number! I told you to call!"

Remember, my husband works at the tennis club, with the tennis pro's, the one that even offered lessons if my husband would teach his child. See where this is going.

I said "You did not give me any one's number. I don't even know the man's name. Blah blah
He says "I did so give you...blah, blah, blah. This goes on until I say, "You are right, you gave me the number this is all my fault."

Do you think it stops there? He insists that it's not about fault, but he told me to do it. Then he stops talking to me all together. For 45 minutes he ignores me, talks with the kids, says goodbye to them and walks out the door. And I am suppose to go on a date with this for Valentine's Day?

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