Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Star Wars Mania

When my son started school last year he was introduced to Star Wars. Such has been our focus for the last year. Our three-year-old has caught on of course and so there is no escaping it. That is why we gave in and watched all three of the old movies on our summer trip. Now -they are Star Wars experts.

At least they think they are and compared to me they rock. But now that the three-year-old has to play Star Wars with me while his brother is at school he has to explain a lot. That's o.k. truly because he likes to talk and does so without a reason so at least there is sometimes a point to the conversation.

Not being a Star Wars person myself it is difficult learning from a three-year-old. I'm not always sure I have it 100% correct. Let me give you a few examples, anyone who knows what I am suppose to be talking about will probably laugh.

He swings a "Yite saber" at me while making a whooshing noise. Then because I am "Pincess Yeaha" I have to shot back because she had a gun not a "Yite saber". We fight off "Geferal Greaveyous" who I do know was not in the movies they watched, he's in the movies they are not allowed to watch yet. But that's o.k. because "he's tool mom".

Sometimes we fight together as "Yuke Skywalker" and "Pincess Yeaha". They fought "togever wif Sowo and Chewy and the Ewoks". That's when we have to "bawast the storm twoopers". Some things I do remember from the movies, Chewy is one of them, he was my favorite and my impression is dead on! But I'm stuck being "Pincess Yeaha" because I am a "gawril". (girl)

Honestly, I don't have to do much but take orders. He does most all of the talking, directing, screaming, whacking (those "yite sabers" HURT I tell you!) I'm just glad to be invited.

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