Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm not listening....

We have all done it. Say yes, you know you have. Your husband tells you he is in the mood and you pretend to be asleep. One of the kids is screaming at you from upstairs to wipe their bum and you say under your breath, "I can't hear a thing over the washer." Better yet, you stand there with their PB&J in your hand while they scream, "Give it to me!!" and your reply is, "I can't hear you until you say please."

So why does it absolutely infuriate us when they pull that stunt on us? I can stand in front of my child who's watching television and say their name 5 times with increasing decibels and they do not flinch.

Why I am saying it 5 times? Why do I think they are going to answer me? WHY HAVE I BECOME MY PARENTS!

My father I guess was the biggest offender. He would be the one scolding us for cussing by saying, "You can't @%$&*# cuss God $(#&$! it." If we hit one another he would whack us and say, "Don't @%#& hit your sister!" This isn't really about his lack of parenting skills, he's a product of his environment - but it does drive home the point that hypocrisy is in my genes.

I try to remember what it was like to be six or three, I try to think about what I always dreamed my parents should be- yet here I am. Still calling the child's name 5 times to put his shoes aways after I told him he could have TV time - just what was I thinking? Maybe I should try please.

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