Saturday, September 26, 2009

boys that bellow

It used to be really funny, when my passionate, boisterous, very Greek husband would bellow from wherever, "Trisha!". OK - NOT so much anymore. Perhaps because we have two children who have acquired this gene. Now do I not only have a obnoxious, loud Greek husband who bellows - I have two boys who do it also.

Let me illustrate. This morning it is raining and the kids seem to need a break. OK frankly I need a break so we watched cartoons until 10:00 a.m. Some of us. My three-year old is not the biggest TV watcher. 30 minutes tops and then he's ready to move on. My six-year old and I are perfectly content to lye on the couch and not move, however Loudstrom has other plans. Like throwing a screaming fit for 45 minutes because I won't let him swing on the curtains. When he wasn't screaming about curtains, he was just screaming at us for not getting up.

Later the boys went out on the porch while I threw lunch together. 15 times - I counted! - they sat on the porch screaming for me. When I finally walked out there the six-year-old is standing on the bench and the three-year old is crying. There was a Daddy Long leg spider on the bench and they wanted me to get it. I tried to tell them it was gone but as I got close to the bench they both leapt off clinging to me like spider monkeys. We all peed our pants but for several different reasons.

My husband gets home from work and sits down to eat something. I'm going up and down the stairs trying to look really busy finishing the cleaning. (and burning off calories from the pizza I polished off because the kids where too scared to eat it) So I mention that the lady from the bank was going to call regarding our refinancing questions. We are considering refinancing a home equity loan (finally) since rates are down and the woman from the bank calls back. My husband walks around the house with the ringing phone screaming - you guessed it - "TRISHA!"

So when they come to take me away He He!! I'll be ready.

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