Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's taking so long!

I really want to thank all of you who read my rants regularly - especially those of you who keep me on my toes but giving me comments like "Are you still alive!" Yes I am, I just seem to be buried in the minutia.

Right now I am trying to dig out of the mound of paperwork sent home with my Findergartener. I can not believe the number of papers that come home everyday and 80% of them are for me. There has been a paper for everything you can imagine. From new school policies to changes in school policies, H1N1 to up coming events, t-shirt sales to volunteer opportunities, newsletters to Save the Dates.

I want to volunteer but I don't know if being in his classroom is the best place. I was thinking more like recess duty. Maybe the library - where it is climate controlled and QUIET. Or even the cafeteria. You can really tell where I excelled in school, A? Maybe being the crazy lunch lady wouldn't be that fun, better than the gym teacher though. Most of my gym teachers left much to be desired, they couldn't demonstrate anything or they would hyperventilate and that was the end of class. We played a lot of Dodge ball. Oh how I hated that game!

Some of what comes home is actually work he did. I am sure glad he's practising his colors I was afraid he was lose so much during that long summer break. He is also practising writing, that I can get behind 100%. I wish someone would have cracked the whip on me because my handwriting is barely legible. So much of what he brings home looks like Kindergarten work. I was hoping they would ease the kids in, but come on! Maybe I should be in the classroom. On second thought, maybe I should bite my tongue.

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