Monday, August 17, 2009

What's with Facebook?

O.k. so if one more person tells me that I have to get on Facebook I am going to scream.

Was it not enough that I was not popular in high school? That I didn't have many friends? That I was just on the outside of the it crowd? That I didn't get invited to parties and had five people at my "sweet sixteen" party because that's all my mom could come up with!

Now you want me to be unpopular in Cyberspace too! Please, give me one place where I can play in the illusion that I have friends. Facebook would be like being nominated for Prom Queen and getting beat- all over again. No thank you!!

My high school experience made the ABC After School Specials look like a joke. If ever there was someone who had good reason to home school their children - considering their school experiences - it's me.

My Kindergarten teacher didn't even like me. Gee wonder if she is still alive maybe she could look me up and harass me about not being able to tell time some more. Or maybe the dance teacher I had for ten years could tease me about not knowing my right from my left. Then there is the School nurse that I saw everyday for seven years of Catholic school. She could ask if I am finally over my "faking it" and getting a life. Let's not forget the High School Guidance Counselor who laughed his butt off when I told him I was going to college. He told me to find a rich old man, get married, and take the money because I would never make it. I am sure he'd like a little confirmation.

Nope! Facebook is not for me. I like being only semi-cyber savvy and totally incognito.

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