Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This year I have a Findergartner. What is that you might ask? That is what I have been calling my son - whose in the 1st grade. I can't quite get kindergarten out of my head nor can I wrap my hands around 1st grade.

He has been a little nervous the past two weeks. He'll ask a question out of the blue about where he'll eat lunch, how he'll get to school, who his teacher will be and then tell us what he'll be doing. For example; the first thing was lunch, we talked about the cafeteria, getting a tray and eating lunch with his friends. That's when he announced that he would need to pack EVERYDAY. His food Nazis father was more than OK with that but I fought hard for one meal a week - they can get pizza everyday for goodness sake! We were lucky to get it twice a month even during Lent.

I went to a Catholic School where several very old looking ladies came in at 5:00 a.m. and starting cooking lunch. Most of what we were served was homemade by these ladies which is why of course all we wanted was the government issued straight from the freezer pizza.

Then the bus ride came up and he was adamant that he was not riding that bus. Daddy had to take him everyday and I had to pick him up. I have trouble fighting him on the bus ride I hated it myself. When I was in school they didn't assign seats like they do now. Where you sat determined how cool you were and how picked on you would get. Jerry Bertke was relentless and even wrote in my 4th grade year book "To the ugliest little ----" Took me six years and several dates with him to get revenge, I mean get over that.

At his elementary school you are not suppose to find out your teacher until Packet pick-up day. I personally do not understand it because having gone to that very small Catholic school you unfortunately knew exactly who you would have the next year. So not knowing who his teacher would be was the only hurdle left. Until someone left the cat out of the bag. One neighbor saw a class list and the other got the 1st grade teacher that sent out a Welcome letter a month before school.

So much for keeping it secret. All that is left is the first day jitters. I'm just not sure who is more nervous, him or me?

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  1. How did Alexander do? Jonathan's first day of KG was yesterday. He did great with the bus for the first time and all. Next year we'll be dealing with the eating lunch at school issue as well, but not yet.