Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where did the Playdate come from anyway?

Friday this week was my Monday. Because it was when I finally got number two son off to school for the week without too much drama.  The kids were off and so was I cleaning the house like a woman on a mission.  Well, technically I was, because I was determined to get it sparkling clean.  Something I have not done since Thanksgiving between working the month of December and then everyone being sick.  Plus the Cable/Internet repair man was scheduled between 8-12 so I was stuck here. yeah.

I dug right in and stripped beds, cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed, and dusted every inch of the place.  I threw some windows open while I Lysoled, Frebreezed, and de-funkified the whole house.  The Cable/Internet guy was very impressed by the way.  And grateful, he said, because the last house he was in had 50 cats in it. "Really I couldn't smell? Tell!" Our dog almost tore through the Carhart pants he was wearing she was so freaked out.  I had to lock her in her cage - growling.

After he left I quickly finished the downstairs cleaning and de-funkified really really well then took the poor dog out for a brisk two mile walk.  We both needed it. It took all two miles for me to not smell Lysol.  Back at home it was almost time for the boys to get off the bus which meant I had minutes to check emails, texts, and messages from various Moms, Coaches, and Teams.

The boys arrived, my husband arrives, it's Friday night so everyone is excited and talking all at once.  The husband wants the boys to go to a High School Basketball game with him, the boys whine they want to have friends over to play. That's when it starts.

"Mom can you call Mrs.-"
"Honey do you have a number for-"
"I want to go to-"
"Can I have a sleepover with-"
"I'll take a sleepover baby...."

Who the hell invented the playdate? and why is it Mom's job to organize them - ALL? It was 7:00 p.m. when I sat down to eat a salad after getting everyone organized, everything straightened around, dinner made, boys feed, and those who needed to out the door. That's when I looked around and said no wonder I don't have any friends, I NEVER have a playdate!

I'm too tired to figure it out, Good night!

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