Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To my 6th Grade son....

To my beautiful little man-

I just wanted to write this note to you because you are about to make one small step for mankind but one giant leap for Tweenkind. Middle school.  It is a battlefield and you must be prepared to fight. Middle School is littered with broken hearts, shattered self-esteem, misplaced aggression, raging hormones, and drama.

When you came home last night and told me the story about your best friend not wanting to acknowledge you in school because you were talking about playing YuGiOh together I thought I would cry. But what you said next did make me cry - because I was so proud.

Good for you waiting until lunchtime to talk to your friend privately about dissing you and letting him know that you are not afraid of what other people think.  I know he said he doesn't want kids to make fun of him for playing YuGiOh so that is why he ignored you and your answer was brilliant.
"If they make fun of you they were not your friend to begin with."

I know that you had to learn this lesson the hard way, for that I am sorry. But the fact that you already know it going into Middle school may just save your life.  Middle school is when a lot of kids will try on new identities, try out new friends, and try very hard to be cool.  It's one big popularity contest. Knowing that popular isn't everything is the most important thing to remember when the people you thought were your friends let you down, walk away, or worse - turn on you.

You are such an amazing person! And I am not saying this because you are mine. Every teacher you have ever had has commented on how wonderful you are to have in class.  Even your specials teachers, coaches, committee chairs, and your Principals have gone out of their way to tell me that you are awesome.  Do you know how cool that is? I wish someone would have told me going into Middle school that even though it's going to be a battle - they knew I would be fine coming out the other side.

Why you ask? What do you have that is special? Let me tell you ;-)

You are kind, generous, and authentic.  There is nothing fake about you my love.  When you hear music you are going to dance, when you like a song you are going to sing along, when they ask for your help you will give it with a smile.  There is not a mean bone in your body.

You are hardworking, smart, and funny.  A great combo by the way, you get it from your Mom.  Add to this intuitive and sensitive.  When things get tense you know how to lighten them up, when it gets serious you know how to listen, and when it gets ugly you know how to stop it.

You are beautiful, athletic, and talented.  The whole package.  Whether it's playing football, playing the sax, or playing the villain  Whether it is breakdancing, singing, speaking, or leading student council.  Don't ever short change yourself. Remember all of your accomplishments there are all a part of what makes you who you are.

My beautiful baby boy -
Your very proud Mom.

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