Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break 2014 - CANCELLED

Day Two and I have already locked both boys in their rooms and cancelled Spring Break.

I can't take it anymore. The fighting, the arguing, the complaining, the whining, the not listening.
And that's just MY behavior.

Anyone not on Spring Break this week? WHERE! I'm enrolling my kids on Monday.

I had a heart to heart with both boys last night before bed and told them that this behavior needs to stop because they are ungrateful and rude. It didn't stop.

What will matter most? What do I fight to nip in the bud, and what do I say let go? Reports from neighbors, teachers, other parents are that they are great kids. So why are they such A-hole's at home! And please do not tell me it is because this it their "soft place to land" - Does it sound like I am soft?

I'm a bitch. All the time. I hate listening to myself.  There is no amount of Time-out for this one - I should be in Mommy Jail. Hell yes I want them to behave outside my house, but damn'it - what's wrong with behaving indie it too!!

What I am trying to figure out is what is at the root of my problem.  Is it the boys behavior? Is it my childhood haunts? Or is it just me? period. Am I the problem.

Some start to Spring Break.....can't wait for Summer vacation.

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