Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back to work off to the Funny Farm!

So much for dipping my toe in the work pool.  I jumped in the deep end and this last week put me over the edge.  Not only did I work all week but went straight into a weekend of complete chaos.

Friday work till 4 p.m. still need dinner and a gifts for the Birthday parties.
7 year-old has a sleepover Birthday party starting at 6:30 pm.
10 year-old has a soccer tournament game at 6:15 and you must be on the field 30 minutes prior and it takes 25 minutes to get there.
10 year-old was invited last minute to a Birthday laser tag party that starts at 7 p.m.

Saturday husband works 8 am to 5:30 pm
10 year-old has another soccer tournament game at 9:15 arrive 30 minutes prior and it takes 20 minutes to get there.
7 year-old sleepover party finishes up at 10 a.m. (when I will be on a soccer field) so neighbor is picking him up.
After soccer race home pick-up 7 year-old feed 10 year-old
10 ten-year old has a 12:00 pm. Basketball game

7 year-old has 1-3:30 pm. Roller skating party
Dad had a break and got a ride to the basketball game now we need to find everyone lunch, get dad back to work, get to next birthday party, and stop at the grocery store because we are out of everything at home.
Pick up Jimmy John's and Skyline and one won't eat- drop everyone off stop at their places and go to the store.
Get a call that 7 year-old is hiding in the bathroom at the roller rink because his "peepee" hurts.
Race out of the store and back to the roller rink pick up the 7 year-old.
Get home unpack groceries feed the ten year-old.

Get a shower before husband and I will leave to see Wicked at 8:00 pm. downtown
Ten year-old will get picked up for the next soccer game at 5:45 pm.
Husband walks in at 5:45 pm.
Babysitter walks in at 6:00 pm. with her curling wand
(to do 40 year-old woman's hair-yes I gave her a big tip)

Grab salad and hummus at home since we have no time for adult dinner before the performance.
Stop for chocolate before we go and ice cream shop is packed. We are now running late.
Get to parking garage downtown and can not find husband's wallet. (My fault)
Find wallet. (His doing of course)

Make it through to intermission no problem.
Both yawning our heads off after intermission.
Come home, wake sitter, pay her well, hit the hay.

Sunday time change - oh yippee.
Husband gone by 7:00 am. to get a ride in
Children up by 8:00 am. to watch TV
Mom thinking I had a moment - shit Time Change!!!
Made our Sunday staple of scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, toast, juice and shove it at everyone and scream them out the door.

12:00 pm.  basketball game parents/kids
Clean up the kitchen, get dressed, grab camera, and head off to see the end of the basketball game and get the 7 year-old who does not want to go to next event.
Ten year-old has last soccer tournament game at 2:15 pm. must arrive 30 minutes prior and it is a 30 minute drive.
(ps. THEY WON!!!)

Take the 7 year-old home to play outside as I sit in a chair feeling like I have been hit by a truck.
4:00 - 6:00 pm meet basketball team for season wrap-up dinner
7:00 pm. return home to start homework
9:00 pm. Mom works again tomorrow every one to bed - OR ELSE.

Monday work till 3:45 pm. take 10 year-old to Band concert rehearsal take 7 year-old home to find a friend and figure out dinner.
Back to band rehearsal, back to 7 year-old, back to dinner, and homework.

May I please have a drink now?? Do you know what I say to women's lib - SCREW YOU!
There is nothing liberating about a woman working - just more working.....but I'm too tired to rant.
I say we just all quit and see what happens, are you in?

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