Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Love and Boys.....

Before we had children I was convinced that if we had boys "the talk" would be his job, and if they were girls "the talk" would be my job. Silly me!

(Please feel free to re-read the blog regarding my first sex-talk with the 10 year-old....yeah it went THAT well!)

So I wondered into the 10 year-old's room the other night to make sure that he had picked up his room like I asked and tell him it was tome for lights out.  The room of course was a hot mess and he was snuggled up in bed still in his clothes reading the newest Percy Jackson book.  So I snuggled up with him and asked him how he liked the book.  "IT'S AWESOME!" duh, mom.

But then he closed the book and said, "Mom can I ask you something?"
"What does a crush feel like?"

Whoa! That's no easy question.  I have not thought about him in years.  I only remember one classic crush - you know that boy that you thought hung the moon - but he didn't know you existed.  How did that feel? How did that feel? Awful. That's not what I want to tell him because everyone should have a crush.

"Giddy? Is that good, like happy?"
"Mom, what does love feel like?"

Whoa! A one two punch.  Wow. Love. I know what I would like it to feel like for you my beautiful boy.  I want it to feel like sunshine on your face, ice cream for dinner, baby's laughter, and scoring the winning point all at the same time.

Love should be patient, and kind. Because Love is Hope.

Love should not envy, or boast, love should not be proud.  It should not dishonor others, or be self-seeking, love should not be easily angered, it should never keep record of wrongs.  

Love should always protect, always trust, and always persevere your heart.  Love should feel good.

At least that is my hope for you my beautiful boy - My Hope, My love.

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