Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I suck!

There are 2 words that you never want to hear out of your child's mouth.....

What happened? I was raising a little boy.  A sweet beautiful boy that laughed and giggled, danced in front of the sliding glass door so that he could see himself, showed me everything that he made in school, and would still play make believe with his little brother.

What happened? I now have a big tall beautiful boy who is worried about his hair, his clothes, and who is in the popular group.  And why isn't he?  He's sullen and moody and "bored".  His three favorite phrases right now are:
"You won't get it."
"Never mind"
"I suck"

Oh my beautiful baby boy.  You do not suck.  You are ten-years-old and growing up to fast.

You are light and joy personified.  You are smart and funny.  You are athletic and agile and quick and strong.  You are great at math and a voracious reader.  You are kind and honest and true.  You are creative. You are a leader. You are a good singer and a fabulous dancer! You are love.

But you will forget these things from time to time as hormones serge and friends come and games are lost and grades girls start to pay attention and then life gets harder and school gets more you yourself get in your own way.

I am here to remind you.  You do not suck.  You are the most precious gift the universe has to offer and I am so blessed to be with you on your journey.  You are loved and worthy and you are the best part of me - love personified.

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