Saturday, March 2, 2013

I love Teacher Conferences....

but then again mine haven't turned ugly yet.  With a 1st and 4th grader they are still along the lines of "this is what we are working on this year..."

My 1st grader has a young teacher who is wonderful, enthusiastic, and adorable.  She sent a not home at the beginning of the year saying that she wanted the students and parents to attend the Fall conference and just the parent to attend the winter conference. O.k.

At the fall conference our son showed us around his classroom, she showed us some of his work, and she showered him with compliments on what a great job he was doing.  He floated out of the room and of course so did his proud parents.

This winter conference went very much the same, except that we left our sons in the hallway to play with a kindle and hopefully not kill each other.  That would be totally embarrassing right? "Gee, they don't act like that for us?"  Well, hell we are only the parents what are we suppose to do!

I know that I am blessed and I think God every night for my family.  But there is something about hearing it from someone else.  To hear his teacher describe him gives me a much better insight into the person that he will be.

Teacher conferences are that glimpse into who my child is when I am not there.  And isn't that the child we all worry about the most?

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