Saturday, March 2, 2013

I wish I could remember it all, but this one is good enough

I wish I could remember half the stuff that I said I was going to write about......since the surgery things happen and I think, Oh that is so funny I have to write that down! Then it quickly falls out the other side of my head.

Where is the hole in my head that keeps letting stuff fall out? If I could just find it I would plug it up.  Or at the very least stick my finger in it until I do get a chance to write down the funny stuff.

The one thing that will stick in my memory forever is the night the hamster died.

Did I mention that the only thing the six-year-old child wanted this Christmas that did not cost $300 was a hamster?  After much deliberation (that's my nice way of saying arguing with my husband) we got the hamster ready on Christmas eve and hid it at a neighbors house.  It was a hit.  He named him Cutie Pie.

Well about 3 weeks ago on a Friday night just before we are suppose to leave for yet another basketball game my husband motions me into another room.  "I think the hamster is dead" he says.  What!  It was just alive 30 minutes ago, they played with it after school - it bit the 9 year-old.

So I walk in to look in the cage and sure enough. Shit.  Now what?  So I take the six-year-old in with me and I tell him that I think Cutie Pie is dead.  He starts to cry and argue with me.  He is adamant that the hamster is alive and I am just as adamant that he is dead.  First comes the sobbing, then comes the Eulogy.  (see separate blog, cause that's a whole nother story)

You will not believe what happens next - the damn thing moves.  So now he is desperate to save it's life.  Really? Can't we let it die.  OK well, I'm a total sucker for a sobbing six-year-old.  I call the pet store where we got it to ask what to do because I don't know a thing about hamsters.  They say they don't either but they patch me through to the Vet, while I am on hold Cutie Pie has tried twice to stand up only to fall over sort of like a drunk trying to get up off a couch.

But just as the vet gets on the line the hamster stands up for a moment, falls over, immediately rolls over onto his back and his feet go up in the air.  The six-year-old has watched all of this mind you.  The vet is waiting very impatiently for me so I say very quietly into the phone, do you work on hamsters?
Should we bring this hamster in?
Well do you think there is anything you can do?
Thanks Florence Nightingale you've been a big help.

Since there was nothing more to do I just held him while he cried.  And he cried and cried.  In the midst of all this he says with no hiccups and a very hopeful expression-
"Can I have a Dog?"
my response
"Will it fit in that cage?"
Needless to say that didn't stop the crying.

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