Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh no he didn't??

So it seems that my sweet loving beautiful first born child - is really a shit.  Last night he came home "starving" from an extra long play practise to which I did not sympathize because I packed him an extra large snack.  He didn't even touch it.  Because they can not eat in the gym.

O.k. I could have been a little less of a bitch, but he is almost 10, play practise has been going on over a month and let me reiterate he is not the lead.  He is an Oompa Lumpa.  He sits at the side of the stage 90% of the time.  You would think the boy could find some time to scarf down some cheese puffs and a juice box.

Yes he has a cold and isn't feeling the greatest, but this new meaner side of him reared it's ugly head months ago.  Not right after surgery, a little before and then in full force right after things seemed to get back to "normal". We separated the boys into their own rooms because of it.  As a matter of fact he seemed to go from taking it out on his little brother to taking it out on me.

Then last night.  I had dinner ready and waiting - his favorite by the way.  Homemade chicken noodle soup.  I made him a cup of tea.  I sat down and ate with him we talked about the starvation - play practise, his day, etc.  I told him he should get his homework done and then suggested "remember how good that hot shower felt the other night when you first got congested? It would feel super good tonight.  Then jump in your PJ's and snuggle up in bed."  How dare I!

He spilled his tea all over the table and his school binder.  We cleaned it up.  Note - WE cleaned it up together.  Then I said if you are finished with your homework you should head up for a shower.

"Got it. As of 7:13 p.m. I am officially off duty.  Good night and Good luck."
That didn't go over well, he continued to mouth off about my lousy parenting, so I proceeded to walk away and said "I need to walk away before I knock you in to next week because you are being rude and obnoxious."
I shut my bedroom door to the screaming and feet pounding up the stairs.  After that died down the seven-year-old came in to seek refuge with me.  We started to play for a few minutes then I heard,
"Mom, I need your help."
"Sorry I'm off duty remember."  The seven-year-old saw it coming before I did and said, Oh no- not again.  He started all over again when his dad came home and asked what was wrong.  He did finally come in and apologize and give us hugs and went to bed.  I apologized for my angry and rude words because no matter what I should act like the adult and I didn't.
This morning Mr. Hulk was replaced with Bruce Banner again and he was cordial, pleasant, helpful and especially kind to his little brother.  Then just when it was time to walk them to the bus he says
"Oh wait I guess I should get the stuff I hid from you last night when I was mad."
He went into the family room and pulled my coat out from under the couch. Then he climbed up on to the counter to get my cell phone from the back of a never used top shelf.  Then went into the playroom for my purse, then into the living room for my boots.  He was bringing it all out smiling, I said I don't think this is really funny.  Inside I'm thinking Holy Crap what happens when I really ground his ass for something????
When I went to put my boots on - no laces.  I'm not sure which of us is in bigger trouble right now?

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