Thursday, January 24, 2013

Days like these....

I'm rewriting the parenting books.  The hardest part will be the title.  I don't want to mislead people.

Parenting, It sucks.
The Guidebook to Insanity: Parenthood.
So you think you want kids? Buy a dog.
What to expect after you expected it would be great.
Children the Challenge: not sending them back.

None of the parenting books tell you that having children will automatically put your heart outside of your body.  That the idea of having a mini-me is a lot easier than having one.  Watching your child go through pain or suffering, heartbreak or rejection will turn you inside out.  It can make you want to vomit and hit a 6 year-old all at the same time.

Seeing your child struggle is worse than water-boarding.  You want to say F'it and jump on the school bus, take the test, or go in for them.  Knowing how hard they are working to keep it together can make you even crazier than normal and are suddenly agreeing to buy a $400 Lego set.

The old Shirelles song is on repeat in my head....
"Mamma said there'd be days like this, they'll be days like this my mamma said"

No she didn't. Maybe that's the title.
Mamma's saying: There will days like this!

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