Wednesday, January 9, 2013


13:00 hours Day of Surgery
Not sleeping but mind is going 100 miles and hour.  Trying to relax and get some shut eye.

14:00 hours Day of Surgery
Still not sleeping start thinking about weird ass things like the new show my husband is obsessed with, Surviving the Cut.
A show about what men go through to get into the Rangers, Airborne, and SEALs.  It is insane what they go through physically and mentally.  I start to think about the fact that everyone calls it "fighting cancer" a "cancer battle" or as my beautiful friends mother put on the T-shirt she wore into her mastectomy "Stop the war in my rack".

17:00 hours Day of Surgery
Six-year-old wakes up from a bad dream and climbs in bed with me.  I realize it will be at least 3 weeks before he can do that again.  So we spoon and snuggle and I kiss that beautiful head 100 times. 

That's when I decide that there are men who fight for our country ready to endure the toughest battles of their lives, and there are moms who would stand right beside them.  I am one.  I may not be able to assemble my gun underwater, blindfolded, with my feet but I can find the children's motrin, measure it correctly, and administer it all by moon light.  They can take a sergeant screaming in their face in a fox hole while under heavy fire.  I can take two kids screaming at me about the Wii while making dinner and fielding calls for the final soccer party.

09:00 hours Day of Surgery
Boys are on the bus and off to school. Everyone seemed cool, happy, ready for a party with Nanna and Papa because they know what they can get away with while we are not here ;-))))  I am getting dressed with a great shirt from my sister-in-law "GO Fight CURE!" I have gotten 25 emails, 30 texts (don't tell my husband I've gone way over the data limit at this point, ooppss) and even more phone calls.

I decided that I am a member of the Mama SEAALs....Saving Everyone is All About Love

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