Saturday, October 6, 2012

My little angel

My six-year-old is one of those children that says things that make adults do that laughy snorty coughing thing you do when you know you shouldn't laugh but you absolutely have to like when a 3 year-old drops an F-bomb.  Or he can make you tear up.

The neighbor was saying that her kindergartner has found that girls are very exciting and cool.  I mentioned that my little guy found that in Pre-School and there has been no looking back.  Wanna find our little Swavvy, look for the girls.  However Kindergarten produced his soul mate.  (You may remember that blog after the horrible first day) Anywho not to digress.  He told me that he found the gril he was going to marry and she was beautiful, but she could be more beautiful with make-up.

At dinner this week he announced that having to be at school all day was really too much.  (I've been waiting for this revelation considering I tried to drop out of school after the 1st day of first grade for the same reason.)  He said he just wasn't really adjusting to the all day thing very well and it was too much.  Being the crack parenting guru that I am having read 1/4 of every book I've every picked up I responded, "You should talk with the principal about that."  What else is there to say, I agree, a whole day without a nap is too much to ask for some of us.

Last week as the weather was starting to change back and forth which it does quite often here in the mid-west he was struggling to breath through the copious amounts of snot in his system.  He was also struggling to eat.  Everything we had in the house was suddenly "Yucky" all my fault of course not the snots.  So after trying everything else in the refrigerator we settled on ramen noodles.  He was alone at the table eating while I was busy, very busy doing something when he said, "Mom I think God is in this room with me."  I told him God was always around us.  "No mom he's right here with me, I can feel his hand on my shoulder."  I went over and told him how cool that was and that I believe in guardian angels, maybe it was his guardian angel.

"Yeah my guardian angel is a girl and Mom - I am the only person in the world that can feel their guardian angel touch their shoulder."

You know what baby, I think you are right.

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