Saturday, October 6, 2012

The most perfectly UNperfect marriage

As yet another couple we know goes through a divorce it made me reflect on my own marriage.  It has made my husband however lose his ever loving mind and ask me 52 times a day instead of 22 if I love him, miss him, and want to have sex. Ugh!

I personally think that my husband and I qualify for the most perfectly unperfect marriage ever.  I think I knew on our first date that we were going to be together forever, but not in that Hollywood - fade to yellow, cue sappy music, blur the rest of the scene- sort of way.  More like crawling into bed after watching an entire football game in 20 degree weather with freezing rain.  It wasn't Aaaahhh!  It was more like aaahhhh.

Did I mention that my husband is Greek.  Right off the boat as he likes to say although he's never traveled by boat anywhere.  He is dark and loud and very very Greek.  I'm an American mutt with enough Irish and German roots to ensure that I get sunburned indoors.  So in the beginning, everyone called us Lucy and Ricky.  We were.  He is passionate about everything and can turn the simplest thing into an argument leaving me in tears. ex. Would you like Chicken or Steak for dinner? WHAT! Chicken, how you ask me if I want chicken?! Why I want chicken for dinner?! You know what I like for dinner! and on and on. To quote Taylor Swift, "It's exhausting."

Needless to say he would rant and rave about everything from why I didn't serve bread with dinner to why I would want to visit family on Labor Day Weekend.  From harwood floors versus carpet to Ajax versus Dawn and as for money, well that's a whole other blog in itself.  Needless to say every conversation we have has the potential to turn into what sounds like a NATO session on nuclear arms.

The one constant in our marriage.  Fighting.  We are always working and perfecting our weapons, tactics, and strategies in the arena.  It's not just a sometimes thing it's a way of life.  We have both read all the articles, forget the books he doesn't read anything more than 4 pages and we all know I'm only good for 1/2 of any book from the self-help section.  How to have a happy marriage, How to communicate better with your spouse, How to fight fair.  I had to save that one, we get it out once in a while to read because it makes us both crack up laughing.

This year we will celebrate our 17th Wedding Anniversary - just as we have celebrated the other 16, with a fight.

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