Monday, September 24, 2012

Will I miss this??

The other night while going through the nightly routine I said to the boys I will not miss this...but there are things I will miss.

I will miss driving around town with Batman.  I will miss holding their teeny tiny hand.  I will miss footsie pajamas.  I will miss the gaps in their smile.  I will miss the spontaneous "I love you Mom" as well as the "Why is...?"  I will miss reading the same book every night for a week because it's the new favorite. (Ok, I may not miss all of them, I have been known to "lose" a library book or two before it was due.)

I will miss the babies, the smell, the feel, the calm they can bring when they are asleep on your chest.  Nothing else matters.  I will miss the band-aid phase.  I will miss the tiny sound in their voice.  I will miss gut giggles that grab my heart and hug my soul.  I will miss tickling matches.

Like so many things growing up brings the bitter and the sweet.  With all there is to miss, there are also new things to love.  I love watching them mountain bike with their dad.  I love that we are sharing music and with that a lot more stories some good some questionable. (I really should stop having a glass of wine while I cook, lunch.)

I love reading and cooking together.  I love watching them try something new, something scary and succeed. I love watching the light bulb go off after the 500th time we try tying the shoe, zipping the coat, or reading the word o-n-e.

My mom warned me the other day, that in time, I will even miss spending 30 minutes in the bathroom every night trying to get them to brush their teeth without being sidetracked by making faces and checking themselves out in the mirror, then adding silly voices and cracking each other up to the point that they are rolling on the floor laughing.

Yeah, maybe she's right.  What will you miss?

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