Monday, September 10, 2012

Too young to be a player?

What is too young to consider a player? Is it 6....

I should have been alerted when #2 son went off to pre-school and complained about the other boys but talked about Yilly (aka Lilly) everyday.  In Kindergarten he came home and declared he found his soul mate.  First grade has started no different.

He is sitting at a table with all girls.  When neighbors and family would ask if he had any buddies in his class he would enthusiastically say, "Yes!" Kelsey, Grace I., Lexi, and Tori.  So is it any wonder that on Friday when my husband went to school to surprise him at lunch he found him at a table of, you guessed it, all girls.

My husband said he was speechless, which I find hard to believe.  He said the girls were all asking to have a play date with him, giving them extra cookies, and asking for help opening their juice boxes.  "Where did he get this?' my husband looked shocked.

Really? I met my husband while both attending a small college.  I was introduced to him by members of the girls volleyball and basketball teams.  Everyone on campus knew him and at any given time of the day he could be found "holding court" in the weight room, cafeteria, or dorm room with 5-15 girls.  Any one of whom would and did do anything he asked.  When I met him in college he had never bought a text book, typed a paper, or owned a car.  (But he got around just fine)

Where did he get this? I have no idea honey but dinner's ready, the laundry's done, and I made your Doctor appointment for Thursday afternoon.

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