Thursday, August 30, 2012

Resume help

So with both boys in school for 7 whole hours a day I do believe that it is time for me to get a part-time job.  How do you fashion a resume after being home with them for 9 years and really only wanting to work a few hours a day, a few days a week?  It will take a very understanding employer, or creative resume writing.

Objective: To make enough money to pay for soccer, school fees, and a babysitter and dinner at least once this year.

Skills: I am skilled at Office '00 and Windows Explorer.  I am adapt at the Franklin Planner system completing all 10 levels of their courses.  I can multi-task, am self-motivated, and a good communicator.

Examples: Created many forms in word and excel that people could actually write in.  Never missed an appointment that was actually written in my planner.  I can talk on the phone while changing a diaper at the park with no wet wipes.  I now get out out of bed before the children drag me, and I have learned to use my words and not my hands.

1994-2003  Real Jobs that required big girl clothes, a day planner, and lunch meetings
2003- Present  Mom Jobs that required more patience then Job, more ingenuity than Ford, more magic than Houdini, and more work than I did in the first 10 years combined.  I have become skilled at navigating museums, amusement parks, and stores with a toddler and a stroller.  Knowing just when to feed, water, and relieve the troops to avoid accident/meltdown.  How to handle an irate toddler, teacher, or store clerk after my child has hit, cussed, or taken what isn't rightfully his.
Most recently I have learned how to sit through a PTA committee meeting without falling asleep, work with said committee without hitting, cussing, or taking what isn't rightfully mine.  I have organized and planned classroom parties and volunteers for special events, and it worked!

Interpersonal Skills: I am somewhat organized for no longer having a day planner, I can usually communicate effectively as long as I've had 5 hours of sleep, and most importantly, I play well with others.

Anyone know whose hiring?

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