Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My distrust of technology

Here I am writing in a blog that I totally distrust this new fangeld gadget called technology.  Our computer recently bit the dust, and not just "Uh, Oh  the computer won't boot up." I fried the hard drive (the part of the computer like my storage containers in the basement that holds everything valuable to me and no one else) to the point that they can not open it.  Now all those pictures and videos from my children, all the stories that I have told them and written down hoping to make a book for them, and other miscellaneous things that are of value only to me - are gone.

So here I am on the Internet blogging on the new computer and wondering what good this 3 pound piece of equipment is if it can not hold those memories safe for me.  Can't I just pack them into a storage container in the basement??

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