Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Mother's Motivation

How do I motivate thee? Let me count the ways..I scream my head off.
That was quick.  What Took Elizabeth Barrett Browning so damn long?  I am so frustrated trying to find my nine-year-old sons button.  What motivates this child? Do I reward his horrible behavior with a ipod touch just so that I have something to take away? Daily?  I have friends that say that even threatening to take the ipod away makes their children snap to attention.

I don't have the financial resources nor the moral ones to give my child something more valuable then my entire wardrobe just so that I can threaten him with losing it.  Maybe if I myself owned something that valuable I could stomach it, but all my phone does is ring.  No games, calendars, emails, or music here.

Well, in any case I will keep looking for that magic button.  For now I am stuck with writing a weekly chore chart by hand, following up three times a day, and finally losing my temper and screaming until it gets done.  At least one of goes to bed exhausted.

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