Monday, August 2, 2010

Eat this not THAT!

As mother's we've all said countless times, Don't eat that! Meaning- please do not put the mulch in your mouth, or the dog poop, or the lollipop that just fell on to the floor - at Super Cuts!

But yet we feel free to feed our family food that past the expiration date but smells just fine. Leftovers that Martha Stewart would not recommend feeding to the dog because we don't feel like cooking, again.

Recently, my mother and I were cleaning out her refrigerator and came across cream cheese, two in fact, one that expired in 09 and one in January of 2010. We were dumbfounded, but curious. So we opened them up and they looked fine, smelled fine, tasted fine. Did we throw them away in disgust because they were really really old? Heck No!

With a gleam in our eye we both started listing all the things we could make, so as not to "waste them". And we did!! I made cream cheese and salsa dip and mom made Blonde Brownies. Both of which we not only served to our family that night, we helped to scarf down with out one ounce of regret.

I'm still here aren't I! Tums anyone?

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