Thursday, August 5, 2010

Multi-tasking, Smulti-tasking!

Multi-tasking became the buzz word right out of college. I used it in my cover letters, resume, interviews, I was all over it. And there were days when I felt I actually did multi-task well.

Now that I have children, not so much. I can't walk from one floor of the house to the next without forgetting why I am there, let alone complete two separate tasks at once. There is just no way.

I am left to believe that my days of multi-tasking are a distant memory, along with last minute concerts, late night dinners, and car trips where my husband and I just talked. Multi-tasking is a thing of youth or women without children.

It is no longer possible for me to keep a grocery list of four items in my head especially if I get to go to the store by myself. I am so giddy at actually being out of the house alone that I get distracted by all the pretty colors. Did you know they sell flowers and Starbucks at the Grocery now!

Sometimes when I get out of the house by myself I get lost in the radio, or thought, or scenery and have found myself not at the store- but twenty miles away from home lost in the boon docks and wondering, What the hell did I leave the house for?

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