Sunday, July 4, 2010

Reunited and it feels so...wrong!

You can't make me! You can't make me! You can't make me!

Anyone? Gilligan's Island, remember. Gilligan always said this before they put him in a dress and sent him up a tree to seduce a monkey that held a key part to the radio the Professor was constructing out of a coconut.

In this case it is my 20 year class reunion. Why am I not going you may ask? Because I hated High School as much as it hated me. There was nothing good about it, not even a first love. High school was awful, the people were awful, I was awful.

We can all look back at our teenage angst with more perspective, but it wasn't just angst. There were other bigger issues that made for a very unhappy, unhealthy person. Can't we just leave it there in the past with things like bad perms, big hair, and puffy sleeved prom dresses?

I've read some great books about packs of friends that weather the storms through thick and thin. High school, college, marriage. And even funnier books about high school reunions and what happens there. On second thought, that may have just been my friend Amy's report on her 20 year high school reunion, it was a doozie!

Any way, I can say without an ounce of regret I will not be attending, but I do wish most all of them well. Let's face it, there are a couple of girls I'd like to see humiliated in front of the entire class. But if anyone gets sick on the chicken just remember I wasn't even there!

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