Monday, July 19, 2010


I love my parents I really do. They gave me life, and food, and shelter, and private school, and dance lessons. But they can truly drive a person mad. MAD I tell you!

I loved my husband at one point, more than anything else in this world. I would have robbed a bank, should my soul, swam the ocean. Now, well, I would need a few days to plan.

Why I am I ranting this morning like a lunatic? Because all of these people are driving me totally over the edge. My husband is leaving on an 8 day (Yes Ladies- 8 day!) boys trip and my parents are thinking of driving to Boston and want to take us along. That doesn't sound bad, perhaps.

We are in the midst of refinancing the house and the mortgage company wants 720 different documents-in triplicate-today. The appraisal needs to be scheduled, the house needs to be cleaned, someone has a birthday party tonight and no gift, my dad's wants me to run to Target, I'm getting the insurance re-quoted, the landscape is still not finished, the pre-school needs pre-payment, I haven't been to my once a week job in three weeks and my parents are thinking we could leave for Boston this Friday, maybe?

Are you people insane! My husband's only concerned about his bike being under the plane and whether or not he's going to get a little something something before he leaves on his trip and so after fighting last night because I felt a fever and sore throat coming on and "SO?" I slept on the couch, but didn't really sleep and finally drifted off at 4:00 a.m. and now he's not talking to me.

I just called my Mom and asked if we were or were not going-ON FRIDAY- because I really had to know to plan things like getting the lawn mowed and the house looked after, and the fridge cleaned out, and a Dr. apt scheduled and she said, "We're just not talking about it because it will make your Dad anxious and then his back will flair up so we'll just wait and see." Meanwhile the boys are too quiet and when I go to check on them they immediately start beating on each other and now I have to take the 7 year-olds birthday party away for beating on his brother but I still have to get the bleeping gift and...


When I am locked in the bathroom huddled in a warm tub dressed in my robe singing Cum by Yah will you please look after the children? and tell them their mother loved them very much.

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