Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation part 2 - Planning

As the big trip creeps closer it is time to think about the details. My husband of course mentions this everyday. "Let's sit down and plan the trip! We have to do that tonight, can we do that tonight?"

We could do that anytime, however, my husbands idea of planning is more like a brain storming session. I get paper and pencil and sit down ready to make a plan. Laying this out like a Franklin Planner I have days broken down by hours, lists of local activities, maps, etc. My husband just sits down and starts talking about all the fun we'll have and all the things we are going to do and places we are going to go and and and.....

Needless to say, our ideas of planning are very different. Planning to me means getting the house, the trip, myself, and ALL the boys packed. It means thinking, thank goodness for the Girl Scouts, through every one's wants and needs before hand according to my husband's insane agenda and being prepared.

This year's trip is a new one. That may sound funny but normally the only trip we took as a couple or a family was to my husbands homeland. After five trips overseas, two with children I have that plan down pat. Taking a family road trip is throwing me for a loop. Where do I start, what do I pack, how much rum is in rum punch?

The trip is approximately two weeks away and yesterday he told me in the car, "We need to start packing!" I gently told him I do not think any of us have enough underwear for me to pack now and stay decently dressed for two weeks. But I can't put this off much longer, I will need to sit down with him soon and let him "plan the trip".

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