Friday, July 17, 2009

twrip or tweet - and it's not even Halloween!

I do try to get a workout in twice a week. I don't always get that done but I am committed to trying. Yesterday at the gym I was on the treadmill and plugged in, literally. I said I went to the gym, I didn't say I enjoy it. Since I don't own and ipod or an iphone or any other high tech gadget, I settle for what the gym has to offer. Which is a device on the treadmill for your headphones that gives you the option of 10 plasma TV's all with a different show in progress. I tend to flip around considering I have the attention span of a monkey and I since I rarely turn the TV on at home I like to absorb as much as I can.

Every show that I flipped to was talking about the teenage girl that fell into an open manhole while texting. At first you giggle, then ask if she is ok. But after hearing the while story, I just got angry. She was on Twitter sending a tweet when she fell into the sewer and now her parents are suing the city. WHAT?

This isn't a cartoon. She wasn't twicked but Wly E. Coyote. Was the manhole was cleverly covered with urban camouflage like cement and garbage? She was stupidly absorbed in sending a text while walking and missed a massive hole in the ground. Some cities are padding lampposts because so many people are walking into them. ARE WE NUTS?

I may be the only voice out there but may I say, Let's get a grip. Suing the city? Padding lampposts? I can not believe that technology has come this far, without us. The more devices you have the less you need a brain? Come on scarecrow - put down the phone while on the yellow brick road.

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