Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happiness is in your genes...not your pocket

Being a life-long Anxietyoholic I have wondered for a long time if I was just not hard wired for happiness.  To be honest being happy just seemed so much harder for me than most people that I swore that it was ONE MORE thing that is genetically wrong with me.

And it turns out I might be right! Not that I really want to be a mutant on the wrong side of the Justice League.  I watched enough Saturday morning TV in the 70's and 80's thank you! I liked Wonder Woman but the Wonder Twins - ACTIVATE! Form of Iceberg - Shape of Eagle. How the hell that eagle ever carried the iceberg never dawned on me but I digress.

Happiness is in your genes. This year at the Hay House Summit there were amazing speakers bring the science of happiness to life. It was all the validation I needed to understand that like my Anxiety disorder, my happiness disorder may present a challenge, but it does not mean that I am doomed to a life of depression. I just have to work harder than most people to reprogram the pre-installed hardware.

This only ever really disturbs me when I see my children suffering. Watching them struggle with anxiety, social situations, speaking up for themselves, motivation, success.....BUT it's all good! I may  be anxious but it's not necessarily because I am defective.  I have a different set of genes and a different set of super powers.  The science is fascinating and this will be my first cross over blog between my two blogs - whatnow-ted and Anxietyoholic.  The first of many.
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The Happiness Project - Robert Holden

Inspiring Science - David Hamilton

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