Friday, January 6, 2017

It's January

There are certain things I can count on in January: gray days, too many people at the gym, unsolicited health advice everywhere, and hope.

Have you ever noticed that no matter what is going on in your life there is usually a glimmer of hope in January. It's like the year is a blank notebook lying in front of you with all the potential in the universe. Amazing drawings, perfect poems, clever menus, and clear calendars. It's all there.

What happens? Suddenly it's April and you think, OK no biggie. It's only on 4 I still have plenty of time. But before you know it summer is here and then gone and then it just feels like - Hold the notebook above the rising water and get to the other side....I can try again next year.

I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show I think January 2 when we were all still off reality. She asked her audience about resolutions and not many people responded. Probably not good for her next bit but she choose a women in the front and asked what her resolution was - it was lose weight. Ellen said "Why did you wait till January? Shouldn't you have made that resolution in November before you ate all that crap?"

She's right! Why do we feel like January is the only hopeful month of the year? Because it's number 1? Considering I'm more of a C average student I'm thinking July is just about when I'm hitting my stride. Why not make resolutions then?

Last year we started daily resolutions and our goal was 365 - and we got to July. Funny Huh, if you follow my logic I got an A on that assignment because I didn't wait until July to start I got up to July! Woohoo,

It's January - and it will be gray for the next two months, the gym will be overcrowded until all those people finally give up, and I will continue to get healthy advice from my financial advisor to my mechanic. But I also have hope.

Here's to July!

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