Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March Saturday January 21, 2017

Yesterday Trump made history, and today women will. With numbers that may top the Suffrage movement and Roe vs. Wade women will gather around the world to stand together for a cause.

I almost went to DC. I am still ready to jump in my mini-van and head downtown. Something is still holding me back.

I'm not interested in protesting. 
Let's stop fighting - and start fixing. Let's stop hurting  - and start healing. Let's stop dividing each other into groups and stand together because
 Sisters - I've got your back!

I've been online looking at information as well as listening and reading interviews. The one thing that is stopping me is that word - Protest. 

I'm new to this idea of speaking up. When people get vehement about Right to Life instead of saying what I believe I get quiet, hope they shut up quickly and change the subject.  When people start talking about how they don't want "those" people in their bathrooms I smile politely and walk away.

I don't want to fight with you! I would love to have a respectful discussion regarding your beliefs as well as my own.  I would love to learn from you if you are willing to learn from me - because I believe we all have something unique to share.

I'm just finding my voice. I'm still very easily overpowered by the yellers, the demanders, and the haters.  The people that you know are not listening to you because you can not get a word in edgewise, or they let you start a sentence and then start talking over you, or they just keep repeating a insult over and over while you talk. That is why a March - a Rally - a Stand is very appealing to me.

I don't need to yell or scream to be heard. I don't need to break things or people to be felt. I don't need to paint signs or my face to be seen.

No - I didn't get to DC - No I won't make it downtown today. But Yes - Sister Women. I stand with you today in the cause that Michelle Obama has stated over and over so eloquently - stick together. There is power in numbers but there is bigger power in women in numbers.  We have the power and it is time to use it.

I promise to use my voice Sister Women. I promise to use my voice when they put provisions on the ballot to change bathroom rules. I promise to use my voice when they want to elect someone who believes we should overturn Roe vs. Wade. I promise to use my voice when I choose what news to watch, what channel to listen to, or what products to buy. and I promise Sisters, I promise to use my voice every time another sister says that women's rights don't matter by calling a rapist the real victim, a hater just a christian who's morally right, and a chooser a murderer.

That is my promise - but I want to know that I am not alone. I want to know that you have my back. I don't want to protest sister  - I want to fight fear with love. I want to fight hate with hope. I want to fight division with deserving.  I want to stand together with you in shear numbers and let the world know - The Women Are Here!!!

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