Sunday, December 4, 2016

Put a little Hope in your life....

Every morning I get a note from the Universe. OK. Well, it's not actually the Universe and I received them for probably three years before I met the man who writes them. In that three years, you don't know how many times the message in that email was so on target, so fitting, hit the nail so hard that I would SWEAR he was in my head.

But before I met him, he was The Universe.  Meeting him made all the difference. I almost stopped getting them I was so disappointed. He's just a guy. A nerd. He could be me! I so wasn't looking for me. I was looking for greatness, for inspiration, for hope.

I know that there are still a lot of people reeling from the election. There was one common thread among all of us that no one but Trump picked up on, hope.  Hope. It's that simple. Lower middle class, upper middle class, middle middle class - the majority of this country. What are all of these people looking for besides the winning Powerball numbers?!


How is it that so many people have lost hope, faith, trust, confidence, and inspiration that a message so devoid of substance but filled with hatred resonated?  Why is it so hard for all the "experts" to figure out?

I was in the car with my two boys the other day. Usually one of them quickly changes the radio station from NPR but today they stopped for a moment.  We all listened to the news regarding the Referendum vote in Italy. They asked questions and I explained what I knew about the situation.

Then my ten-year-old said, " Mom. They are always telling us at school that we need to work together. We have to do projects and assignments and choose new partners so we learn to work together. Didn't any of these world leaders learn to work together? Because every time we talk about politics it seems like no one is working together to solve these problems."

So simple, yet so hard. When did we decide that we were all in this alone, fighting for the only spot at the table? When did we all lose hope that there are more than enough spots, if we all work together?

It is my Hope this Holiday season that for at least for one day - everyone can put aside fear, hate, and hopelessness. That they can turn off all media especially social and connect in a real, human, and vulnerable way to those around them. To look, listen, and feel. Really feel with our hearts. Maybe then we can make a real connection that can impact and inspire, connect and conquer.

There is more that makes us the same then makes us different.  There is more that unites us then divides us. There is more greatness among us and inside us and more hope then we realize.

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