Monday, November 21, 2016

Confessions from a C+ Mom

My sister-in-law gave me the coolest gift, knowing that I write about everything, she found a journal for all my Awesomeness.  Knock Knock I'm kind of Awesome Journal
I sounded very arrogant for a minute there didn't I? 

Every day you grade yourself, and being that it's an Awesome journal your choices are A+, A++, A+++.  So the other day as I was writing down something that my youngest did and my poor reaction I reached the - Hey grade yourself - part and thought. Ugh. Where are the C's? 

That's kind of what I would give my parenting. A solid C+. In the comments section of my parenting report card it would say, "Needs to be more focused and consistent, work on communication skills and temper, could play better with others and be cooler."  

Most days I feel like I am not teaching my boys anything other than curse words and worry.  I don't make anyone go to church, or do chores regularly. I do not enforce a strict bedtime and I no longer stand guard while they brush their teeth. (Or retainers, ugh. FYI - make them brush their retainers or they grow things, gross things.)

I am consistently inconsistent and a total pushover. I never really understood being grounded so I don't even bother with that one. Maybe they just need to be older for it to work, I don't know? I'm afraid to take away their electronics because I would put them somewhere "safe" and then totally forget where and we may never see them again. Kinda of like the cordless phone that went missing in our house three years ago.

What do I consider an A+ parent? I guess those people who have great kids AND they are great too. They have a full-time job still workout and throw great birthday parties, coach the sports, can help with homework, get everyone to church, volunteer in Niagara, dole out creative discipline, and bake their own bread.

I'm exhausted just typing it and all I can think is - "Try Hard's!"

Maybe I am the only one who looks at my kids and thinks WOW, You did not get that from me. I am so incredibly proud of my boys. I can definitely give them and A++. Way to go boys! Now put yourself to bed will ya' Mommy's got a date the couch and a glass of wine.

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