Sunday, November 9, 2014

That's what sister's are for ;-)

So I got a text from my older sister tonight. It read-
"I just grounded J for hitting K! Seriously how old is he? He is not ready for college!"

I busted out laughing. I couldn't help it. Her kids are 17,14, and 11.  Her baby is getting ready to head off to college next year. WOW, how time flies. I digress because I wasn't really reminiscing, I was still laughing my ass off and telling my husband stories of my sister at that age. 

Like the time she came home after school with her friends and found me wearing her socks. She tackled me, sat on my face, and ripped them off my feet.  Or the College visit with Dr. Jeckel and Sister Hyde.  She cursed my mother for making her go then spent an hour and a half in the car without speaking to her. (This is pre-celluar, ianything, or even decent radio out is Sticksville Midwest mind you) Only to get on the campus and run into a cute boy from our hometown. My  mom was livid as she suddenly turned into a charming demure young woman, who promptly ditched her mom.

Being the sensitive sister that I am I text this to my older sister who has obviously reached out in her hour of need-
"Remember when you...."

Hey, that's what sister's are for. I'm just keeping it real. Peace out.
Your Welcome.

P.S. to J and K - I have a lot stories more I could tell you ;-))))

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