Sunday, November 9, 2014

sneaky little ....

Let's make this clear - I am the only one allowed to hide in the closet eating Halloween candy around here. Especially when it is in MY closet.

I love Halloween. Not because of the costumes, the decorations, the meaning, blah blah blah Because my kids bring home 5 lbs. of candy that I would never buy and further more that under any other circumstance my husband would not allow in the house.

So why do I hide it? Because my son's have my lack of self-control when around 5 lbs. of candy. None. And because my husband would have thrown it out on October 31st- if he could have found it.  I realized this after several Halloweens where, after I woke from a chocolate coma on Nov. 1st, the candy bag was empty and the garbage taken out. He knows me well.

The boys candy bags have been in the back of my closet behind a bag of extra toys I forget each year at Christmas and two purses that my mother unloaded on me.  I use them to store the tablecloths my mother-in-law unloads on me.  (When will either of them realize I don't use purses or tablecloths!) This blog is getting way off course isn't it?

We just took down a small tree that was dead and I thought it would be a great night for a fire pit. It isn't freezing cold yet, it was the perfect Fall day and the boys have been outside all day.  I have some graham crackers, marshmallows, but no chocolate. While I was debating running to the store it dawned on me that we had Halloween candy. Eureka!

I pull the bags out and start to dig for anything smore worthy like a full size Reece's cup or already smashed Snickers bar. Hey - this is not my first trip to the Rodeo, ladies.  As I am digging through my youngest son's bag I start to notice an unusual amount of empty wrappers.

Let me preface with -my boys are not super savvy when it comes to being sneaky. Like saying they have to use the bathroom when asked to clear the table, or saying they are going to take a "nap" with their itouch, and obviously like eating Halloween candy and leaving the empty wrappers in the Halloween bag. HA! Rookie. Everyone knows you shove the whole piece in your mouth and throw the wrapper away in the kitchen garbage bag under the dog poop bag. Well now they do anyway.

Needless to say we had a long talk about this sneaky behavior and the consequences were no smores or candy tonight. I think what I am most mad about is that this is the child that will not go anywhere in our house without one of us escorting him - but somehow found his way into the dark recesses of my bedroom closet to his candy bag. God I love these kids!

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